Swim Etiquette


Swim Etiquette is below….



Heat Letters:

Heat A – over 9 min

Heat B – Under 9 min

Heat C – Over 20 min + Sprint Relay Teams

Heat D – 18-20 min

Heat E – 16-17 min

Heat F – 15-16 min

Heat G – 14-15 min

Heat H  – 12-14 min

Heat I – 10 -12 min

Heat J – Under 10 min



Some Swim Rules and Etiquette:

-All swim strokes (front crawl, breaststroke, side-stroke, dog paddle, etc.) are permitted in the race. Please use caution with backstroke as it is dangerous with 2-3 others swimming in the lane with you.
-There will be a maximum of 4 swimmers per lane and once a whole lane exits the lane when finished their swim, the next group of 4 will be signaled to slip in that lane to start their swim (with a staggered start). This is called the continuous feed.
-There will be a volunteer on deck to notify you when your swim will start. You will walk across a timing mat (start of swim) and walk to the lane waiting for you to slip in. Notify the volunteer lap counter that you are going in too!
-No diving!
-Please wait on deck with others with the same “heat letter” as you. Your “heat letter” will be given to you at race package pick-up and will be associated with your estimate swim time.
-Swimmers must swim in a counter clockwise direction in each lane.
-Passing is permitted but please try to pass swimmers at the wall. (Say “Thank you” when they let you go in front of you.)
-If your feet are being touched by a swimmer behind you, that is indicating that the faster swimmer (or more zealous swimmer) would like to pass you. Please stop at the wall and let them go ahead of you.
-Volunteers will count your laps. When you see a flutter board dipped into the water by your lap counter as you approach the wall, that means you have 25m remaining.
-Walk on deck – no running. You may run after you exit the pool and are outdoors.
-Eyeglasses can be left with the lap counter on deck if you wish.
-Please do not wear any footwear (flip-flops, runners, etc.) on deck. They will be forgotten about…trust me. 🙂
-Most importantly….Have fun!