—- Transition Area —-

To ensure the safety of all athletes as much as possible, both those entering and exiting , the transition area will be set up so that bike or run traffic will go in one direction only. Please heed the directions of transition marshals. As well, space can be at a premium so we ask that your friends and family members not accompany you in to the transition zone at any time, whether during your set up or during your race. Here are some specific rules you should be aware of:

  • No cycling is permitted in the transition area.
  • ONLY participants are allowed in transition area!
  • Only walk or run your bike while you are in the transition area.
  • You will not be allowed to mount your bike until you reach the mount line outside of the transition area.
  • On finishing the bike section of the race, you must dismount the bike at the dismount line before re-entering the transition area.
  • The mount-dismount line will be clearly marked and a transition marshal may remind you when to mount or dismount your bike.
  • Your helmet must be on and chin strap fastened before you are permitted to remove your bike from the bike rack. As well, you must keep the chin strap fastened until you rack your bike in your transition spot.