—- Timing —-

Computer chip: When you check in on race morning, you will be issued an ankle strap with a Startline Timing computer chip. The Winning Time computer chip will have to worn a specific way on your ankle. You must have the strap on your ankle for the complete race or you will not receive a time. Your time will be recorded while you run through a timing sensor mat.

Race Number: You will receive 1 race number at the race package pick-up. Your race number must be visible on your back for the bike portion so the lap counters and officials can see your race number clearly. For the run, your race number should be visible on your front of your body. ITU rules state you must wear your race number on your front for the run. The easiest way to attach your race number is by attaching it to a waist strap (i.e. a “race-belt”)