– Race Details –

2019 RACE DATE: Saturday, September 14th



   2012 Strathmore Women’s Triathlon YouTube Video






Location: Strathmore Aquatic Centre – 130 Brent Blvd., Strathmore Alberta

 DUATHLON: Start time: 8:45 am

SPRINT DISTANCE:: Start time 9:00 a.m.

TRY-A-TRI: Start time (Estimated) 11:00 a.m.

500m (sprint) / 250m (try-a-tri) POOL SWIM

The swim is in a 25-metre swimming pool and will start 10 min after a pre-race briefing at 8:45am. There are 6 lanes in the pool and a maximum of 4 swimmers in each lane (wave).

We will start with the Sprint distance (500m) first in the pool (while the duathlon gals are running) and once all Sprint distance has completed with their 10 laps/20 lengths, we will begin the 250m Sprint distance swim (5 laps/10 lengths). Relay swimmers will go in one heat after the 20+ swimmers (heats A & B)

Swimmers are to swim in a counter-clockwise circle only. Passing in the lane is permitted but please pass with caution. We will be utilizing a continuous feed swim – that is, when one lane of 3 or 4  swimmers exits the water, another group of 3 or 4 swimmers of similar swim ability will slip in (NO DIVING!) to begin their swim. We will line up all participants according to your heat letter. Ensure your know your estimated 500m swim time (or test out your swim again very soon with your new time) to aid us in seeding racers for an effective swim. Swimmers with estimated swim times over 20 min will start in the earlier waves. The RELAY swimmers for the sprint distance with 500m swim will start with the first sprint racers. Volunteers will count your laps. At 450m (or 200m for the Try-A-Tri), the lap counter will place a flutterboard in the water to notify you that you have 50m to go.  Exit the pool with caution and no running on deck!

All Sprint Relay participants will start AFTER Heats A & B swimmers are done (4 team’s swimmers with similar swim times per lane). Relay Swimmers will exit the pool after their 500m swim, cross the timing mat (to end swim time) and proceed to the relay exchange (swim to bike) at the bike racks. Once the relay cyclist receives the ankle timing chip, they may remove their bike from the bike rack and walk bike (no bike riding) to the mount area. Cyclists must stay at their bike for the relay exchange but not remove their bike until they have the timing chip ankle strap secure on their left ankle.




20K (one loop) or 10K BIKE (one loop)

The bike will be one loop on the shoulder of Highway 817 for BOTH DISTANCES. The roadway will be open to vehicle traffic so please ride with caution and obey marshals and police. ANSI approved helmets are mandatory for the race and they must be bike helmets (ski or hockey helmets are not allowed). Bike and helmet inspection  long before the race is highly recommended to ensure your bike and helmet are safe. It is important for your safety, and the safety of other competitors that your bike is roadworthy.

For your safety, No IPODs/MP3’s are allowed. (Anyone caught wearing IPODs/MP3 players, etc. will be disqualified.)

Important Bike Rules!

**Please PASS only on the LEFT. Shoulder check for oncoming traffic before passing and call out “passing on your left” (or ring bell).

**Please keep to RIGHT HAND side of shoulder of roadway.

**No Drafting Allowed. (Including riding side-by-side.)

(i)                   To draft is to enter the bicycle or vehicle drafting zone:

  • Bicycle draft zone: the bicycle draft zone will be a rectangle. The width will always be 3 metres wide.  The center of the leading 3 metre edge will be measured from the leading edge of the front wheel.  The length of the rectangle will depend on the distance of the race: for Long distance events the length will measure 12 metres; for Standard distance events or shorter, the length will measure 10 metres.
  • An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete.
  • Vehicle draft zone: The vehicle draft zone will be a rectangle thirty-five (35) metres long by five (5) metres wide which surrounds every vehicle on the bike segment.  The front edge of the vehicle will define the center of the leading 5 metre edge of the rectangle.

(ii)                Entry into the bicycle drafting zone: An athlete may enter a bike draft zone in the following circumstances:

  • If the athlete enters the draft zone, and progresses through it within 20 seconds in the overtaking manoeuvre;
  • For safety reasons;
  • 100 metres before and after an aid station or transition area;
  • At an acute turn;
  • If the Technical Delegate excludes a section of the course because of narrow lanes, construction, detours, or for other safety reasons.

(iii)             Overtaking:

  • An athlete is passed when another athlete’s front wheel is ahead of theirs;
  • Once overtaken, an athlete must move out of the draft zone of the leading athlete within 5 seconds.
  • Athletes must keep to the side of the course and not create a blocking incident. Blocking is where an athlete who is behind cannot pass due to the leading athlete being poorly placed on the course.

Relay: Cyclists must wear the ankle timing strap (preferably on their left ankle) for the entire bike and in transition. Runners will meet their relay person at the bike racks for the exchange of the timing ankle strap.The bike must be racked before the ankle strap is removed.

Bike Check





PLEASE have your bikes (i.e. the one you will be riding on race day) inspected long before the morning of the event to avoid disappointment. You may want to have your helmets checked as well if you are unsure of their safety.

 If your bike is in poor condition, please DO NOT wait until the weekend of the race for your bike to be looked at.

VeloFix will be on site race morning to check out your bike if you are unsure but be aware if you need any major repair, the repair fee will be the responsibility of the participant.

10K Bike Map:

Below is the 20km bike map:

5K or 2.5K RUN.

The run follows the bike path along Brent Blvd. (east of the transition area) and will cross Brent Blvd. at Maple Tree Way (continuing on the bike path on the south side of Brent Blvd.) The route will turn south on Cambridge Glen Dr. (at the church) then west on Cambridge Crescent (all on sidewalks).  The water station and the middle portion of the run will be on paved bike paths between residential houses. Runners will turn left at the end of the bike path at Cambridge Crescent and run on the residential sidewalk of Cambrille Crescent to the turnaround.  All runners will return the same route to the finish line.  Run will be well marked. (Map will be available at Race package Pick-up.) All roadways will be open to vehicle traffic. Marshals will be present along the out and back course. This run is entirely flat with NO hills. For your safety, absolutely no headphones (IPODs, MP3 players, etc.) on the run allowed.

Below is the 5K Run Map.

The Try-A-Tri turnaround is just past the 1K marker after aid station.