Group Training

Beginner Friendly Group Training for Women

Winter 2017 Group Swims has SPACE!


**Women Only**

Coached TRIATHLON GROUP SWIMS at SAIT Pool in Calgary.



**Friday nights – 8-9pm**

Next Session starts up January 13th!

“Deanne’s Friday night swim group was my first ever coached swim.  At first I was
apprehensive about how much of a struggle swimming late on a Friday night would be
but that was quickly smashed after the first Friday swim.  I was hooked.  The swims
became apart of my weekly routine and I loved counting on it every Friday night.  I
met amazing ladies with similar interests and goals which in turn encouraged me with
mine.  I learned a lot about technique and my stroke improved greatly because of it.
 The swim drills and fitness component also help with increasing my endurance.  I
felt more confident competing in triathlons this summer! Thank you so much Deanne! – Danielle

Please note: 2017 ATA membership required for all winter 2017 swimmers.

Come join us for this BEGINNER FRIENDLY Group Swim in which you will have your swim stroke and body position analyzed to help you gain a more effective swim for an upcoming triathlon or for general swim fitness!

Please note this is NOT a learn to swim program so we ask you to be able to swim (any stroke) at least 25m of a pool before joining.  Most of the stroke work will be front crawl. Since we accommodate all fitness levels, we ask that you have a doctor’s approval for this program.

All 1-hour swims will have a warm-up, swim drills and a fitness component. We will look into a video “under water” analysis for the February sessions and possibly the early November sessions. We also will bring in some guest speakers!

We ask you arrive at 7:50pm to learn the evening’s drills so we can all get in the pool by 8:00pm!

15 Fridays: January 13 – May 12 (no swim Feb. 17, March 31) – Limit of 35 swimmers – $265 + GST

Must be 2017 ATA member for all Winter & Spring swims.

**Payments by e-transfer only.

$40 deposit required if you want to hold a spot for winter sessions only.

Email Deanne for the swim form to be mailed to you and all other inquiries.

Please note: Refunds (before the first swim) only accepted with doctor’s notice.  After swim session starts, there will be no refunds or partial refunds. Thanks for understanding.


“Deanne completely and entirely made over my swimming technique over the duration of the class. Although I was able to float and dog paddle (poorly), I was terrified of swimming. I was able to do an open water triathlon in one year! This class was the most supportive and beginner friendly group I could have imagined. I am so very glad that I signed up. Many thanks to Leaping Dog Racing for such a unique and amazing class. “ Elizabeth S.