Coaching Philosophy

To foster, mentor and coach, novice and intermediate athletes and help them develop realistic and achievable goals and aspirations.

To empower them and give them the foundational skills that are required to progress effectively to the next level of their development as an athlete and person.

To create a fun, supportive, collaborative learning environment that fosters and instills an improvement in self esteem that is the direct result of setting goals, achieving them and moving beyond what one thought they were capable of doing.

To be a part of that magical moment when a novice athlete makes the cognitive transition to declare themselves a “triathlete”.

Triathlon Gear Check List

General Gear:

  • Sports Bag (I prefer a bag with shoulder straps to walk long distances from far away parking lots)
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 Towels (one bright or unique is better to “mark your transition spot”, the other is smaller for foot drying)
  • Warm-up, cool down clothes
  • Race information
  • Race Number
  • Race Belt
  • Sports drink and energy bars (only ones that you are familiar with!)
  • Sunglasses (bring 2 kinds for different light conditions)
  • Sports watch
  • Clear plastic bag or plastic sheet (for rain protection on your gear in transition if raining)
  • Body Glide (optional – but great to prevent blisters under arms, inner thighs, ankle with timing chip and feet! )
  • Pen & ID (minimum your driver’s license), and small amount of cash
  • If you are driving out alone, it may be a good idea to have emergency contact information with you.
  • Medications (inhalers, etc.)



  • Goggles (bring an extra pair just in case!!)
  • Wetsuit (if it is a lake swim)
  • Race outfit – swim suit, tri-suit, or light padding cycling shorts and sports bra
  • Swim cap (most races provide but bring one anyway)



  • Bike!
  • Bike shoes (or runners, see below)
  • Helmet (hint: attach to sports bag)
  • socks
  • Biking gloves (short and long finger)
  • Spare tire & tube (in a seat tool bag)
  • Pump (frame (on bike)  and/or floor pump – leave in car)
  • Water bottles – filled one on bike
  • Bike shorts (if wearing over swim suit)
  • Tights or biking pants (if weather is much cooler) – no wide leg bottom yoga pants
  • Light jacket and bike shirts (short and long) – be prepared for every kind of weather!
  • Arm warmers, leg warmers (optional)



  • Running Shoes (equipped with lace locks &/or elastic laces)
  • Cap or Visor
  • Water bottle belt holder (optional)


Post Race

  • Change of clothes (for all types of weather!!)
  • Toiletries for showering
  • Sandals or comfortable shoes
  • Food (bars, fruit)