World Master’s Games 2005

Here’s Kim’s World Master’s Games story:

“My physioterrorist started working on it on the Monday and after 3 days both the doctor and physio agreed that I could go to compete. I packed my friend’s specialized 3 wheel recumbent bike, picked up my friend (who would act as my aide) and left for World Master’s in Edmonton. I spent all of Thursday at Hawryluck Park practicing on the bike. On Saturday the 23rd of the July I swam the 750 meters using one arm (no wet suit as I couldn’t get it on my arm), cycled the 20 km course up Emily Murphy and Groat Road hills (twice) and ran the 5 km course using my foot splint and walker with hundreds of people cheering from the sidelines and stadium stands. It took almost 3 hours to complete the Sprint Triathlon. I came dead last, but couldn’t contain the tears as I crossed the finish line. I’d done it! I finished a triathlon at World Master’s Games! I ended up with a gold medal – being the only female in the A.W.A.D. category. My goal is always try to find ways to motivate others to get active, get involved, no matter the ability level. I think my goal was accomplished with this experience”.