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One story from a past event we love to share!
Three years ago the word ‘triathlon’ was not found in my vocabulary!  I was 280lbs, had no energy, and no self-esteem.
In February 2013, a month after a new years resolution, I was at the gym and decided to change things up a bit and go for a swim after a bike and walk.  It was then that my friend pointed out to me that I had just basically done a triathlon!  I was floored….but got to thinking…..hmmmm…..could I?
Not long after that I took the leap – and registered for TriDivaTri.  I was scared, but excited too.
I will never forget the feeling of crossing the finish line that first race.  I had done it!  Me!  A Triathlete!!!
And, I was hooked!  Since that first step, I have finished 8 triathlons, lost 100 lbs, gained courage, self-confidence and my whole world has changed!  Triathlons gave me goals – achievable goals.  And I hope to inspire others to take that leap.
Each time I register, I still feel that nervous excitement!  I can’t imagine my summers without them now!











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